Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ruth and Calyn Dougherty pictured here on the front porch of the legendary Brooklyn house in Seattle...

For all who knew Ruth, today is a sad day. Ruth crossed over early in the morning on July 12, 2008 in Louisville, Kentucky. Step mother is such an inadequate word, as is so with all the "step" relations. No one is a step sister. They are either your sister or not. And it's the same with step mother. Ruth was so much more than a step. She was the journey. She had scores of friends and a large family. She loved to sit and talk, read books and especially loved to sing. She had a strong melodic voice and belonged to Sweet Adelines, touring with the nationally renowned group occassionally. My condolences are with the entire Dougherty family and a special nod to Calyn Dougherty, who is part of my family and, thus, included me in Ruth's. May choirs of angels greet her.


David Stas said...

missy calyn,
our thoughts and our prayer are with you right now.
and a candle is lit in michigan.

the Brockowskis of Michigan

Lisa Hilger said...

Please pass along my love and condolences to Calyn.