Monday, December 18, 2006

A Child's Christmas in Mid-Century

Do you remember Shiny Brite? Just seeing the box was enough to make a child swoon. The ornaments would be wrapped in Kleenex, as tradition demands of the people in the Midwest. Perry Como and Andy Williams really put the "white" in White Christmas. Who broke the "color line" in TV Christmas? Was it Satchmo? Leslie Uggams? Nat King Cole? Do you know, you doyens of pop culture?

And, hey, how do you really feel about tinsel? Flocking? Let it out, Baby. You know you want to.


Anonymous said...

Leslie Uggams, very cool!

Claudia said...

I feel good about tinsel. But there was a little taste contratemps in the household this year with the result that I am feeling good about a little less tinsel.

Joanie -n- Rebecca said...

Leslie Uggams. Jeez. Don't forget Pearl Bailey.