Friday, December 22, 2006

Something for the Little Ones

If you have children at the Santa age, between about 4 and 6, you might enjoy this site:
In the early 1950's, when the cold war was close to becoming hot, Canada and the US developed NORAD as a top secret air defense and missile tracking system. That same year, Sears was running a Santa line for shoppers' kids to call and speak to Santa. Due to a misprint in the ad Sears put in the newspaper, kids were given the direct line to NORAD's Chief of Strategic Air Command. (Jeez, and they were protecting us?) But NORAD actually had a sense of humor and ever since that first child's call NORAD has provided a Santa tracking service. It can be very dear and small children who still hold on to the idea of Santa get very excited by watching Santa head out of the North Pole and fly around the world. In a world filled with war and hostility, it is actually a sweet moment of reprieve.

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