Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Xmas on the Patio

This is one of the finest pictures ever taken of Ruby Montana's Coral Sands. Snapped by our good friend Claudia Dowling and not Diane Arbus as I'm sure you suspected. The White Trash patio has rarely looked better--poetry in stopped motion. Even the colors have a lot to say--man THAT is a blue spruce! The point is, even the damned breezeway looks good here. And, as Claudia would challenge you, can you count the cats in this pic?
Let me just throw this out there: If you've taken a picture of the Sands on your vacation or drive by and you think you can top this, please send it at once and it will be immediately posted to this site. The people who stay here are FANTASTIC! Many of you have an unerring (if highly individualistic) sense of where the beauty of the moment is. We love you!

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