Friday, December 29, 2006

New Pool!

We told you it would be gorgeous!


Doesn't the pool look just over the top!?! We are so excited to have the pool freshly redone for 2007.


Now your job is to get here and enjoy it!


Claudia said...

Totally fabu dahling. I'm starting to pine. What's the temp there now?

ruby said...

We are in the high 60s. We were glowing poolside today...people were swimming. Ahhhhh.

Cheryl said...

Ruby, the pool looks amazing! We're looking at another gray, rainy, windy Seattle day and just seeing these pictures helps bring the sunshine back to mind. We'll see you in April!! Happy New Year to everyone at the Sands!

ruby said...

Cheryl, Baby!!! The pool is smashing and the new blue pool suround makes the pool look like it is somehow floating and larger. Can't wait til April. I like looking into double o 7. Happy New Year as well to you and Al.xoRuby