Monday, April 9, 2007

My Precious Family in Town at Sherman's Deli

My nephews, Nathan and Caleb and my Sister-in-law Janis darted south to Palm Springs to spend a week as they are very loyal Sanders all. The boys aspire to being pool boys at the ripe ole age of 15. They always head for The Sands at every opportunity for a little sun. They, after all, live in the rainy Northwest. As do many other loyal Sanders. Jamie Kabler (my first husband in a former life...and fondly referred to by me as First).took us to dine at Sherman's of our favorite desert haunts...oh that Matzo Ball Soup and those Reuben sandwiches. Janis and I used to ride freight trains together in the 70s...we are seasoned adventurers riding name was "Rails" and hers was "Tracks".

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