Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ruby "LuLu" Montana and Vita Alea with a part of Anita Lamert

Gretchen Sorensen and her Big Ideas blew into The Sands on Wednesday just in time for Vita Alea (one of Ruby's best friends in life) to catch the beginning of the festivities. Susan Able (known as Q, for Susie Q) hosted a 60s pardoo at her groovy rental property ( a Donald Wexler Steel Frame architectural cutie) The food was to die for...Melinda, Lisa and Q were on duty for that first rate performance...Caesar salad with a variety of toppings...yummy shrimp, grilled chicken and marinated beef...Bread stuffed with brie and o my.

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Anonymous said...

Chizzomp! Everyone looks one thousand percent gorgeous. And **howdy**, the world would have to call you "Team Sugar" with all the tewtally blonde hair in that photo. Fo' realz, shugas! -Allie G