Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joe "Mama" Cant and Ruby in 1975

This picture was just brought to Ruby by Loyal Sander and dear beloved friend, Joe "Mammal" Cant...It was taken in 1975 outside of Port Townsend on Marrowstone Island. The dear and very precious man is one of the duo that brought Dinah to light in Ruby's life. (By the way Ruby has been driving Dinah around nonstop...this delicious April weather is just divine.) Joe was Ruby's teaching assistant in Romulus, Michigan in 1972. He was the reason Ruby was named teacher of the year in Michigan. He made her look so good that she was actually nominated and won. Joe lives in Naples now and is an entrepreneur and inventor. Brilliant and equally insightful...kind and precious. Thank you Joe for being in Ruby's life. Joe's pardner in life is the Fabulous Gary Wilson who just called to let me know that he had completed my 2006 Taxes. I will be profiling Gary shortly. Ruby loves you Joe and Gary.

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