Saturday, April 7, 2007

Barbara Bailey and Ruby at Joey and Nancy's Bash

So...the Woman that I ran into at the Nancy Burfiend and Joey Reiter Bash honoring The Dinah was the infamous Barbara Bailey of Bailey/Coy Books in Seattle. My buddy Carol Dunlap (co-owner of the Best Hardware store in California...True The Camelot Theatre)and I were talking when she asked me if that was Amy Alcott standing over there. I don't know Amy Alcott from a turned and asked the woman that I had known for 30 something years if she was Amy Alcott...she said "No, I'm Barbara Bailey." We had a good laugh as neither of us recognized the other(it had been some 8 years, afterall)...the irony is that we are both Hotel owners this very day. We have alot in common. Barbara's new venture, The ChevyChase Beach Cabins, outside of Port Townsend, Washington. Go see her.

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