Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Fabulous Irwins and Yoya (Lola)

The Fabulous Irwins have landed at The Sands. Lisa is my sometimes gardner and always seems to leave the place much better than when she arrived. Dean (her mate) is having a virginal experience at The Sands. We have already discovered that he is a Dog Whisperer...I am sure you can read the contentment in Lola's face. He had all three Sands dogs in a semi circle this a.m. and all were backing into his hands. They'll be riding tiny tricycles by the time he leaves.


Joanie -n- Rebecca said...

Lola! You are KILLING me, baby.

Anonymous said...

I am so over Lola. She looks like Donald Trump in this picture!

Rebecca said...

You know, Anonymous, maybe I'll just ask Miss "Are U Hip Enough" here to shove that big piece of cake right up any available orafice you got.