Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Godson John Lucchesini and Lola

My wonderfully talented, immensely sweetheart of a Godson was here for this last week. Lola has been under the bed since John left and I am not sure I can get her to come out. John is an incredible metal worker in Seattle and has his own hot shop. If you are ever in Seattle, his work is another place to witness genius talent. Hi John!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Lola,

I understand why you won't come out from under the bed. I met John this past weekend at the fabulous Coral Sands. He is not only enormously talented, he has a way of communicating that is so wonderful.

He held you whenever you wanted, he talked with you in a way that made you so happy. He's a very special man to both people and little ones like you.

Don't worry sweet Lola, he'll be back. Now, come on out and play with Louis.

Love, Cee Cee

Khalida said...

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