Friday, January 19, 2007

Ginny Ruffner Hits the Desert -- Duck!

Ginny Ruffner, who previously graced this blog's weekly "Are You Hip Enough" contest, invades Palm Springs with a new show at Imago Gallery in Palm Desert this weekend. Her shows are always Main Events, drawing buyers and aficionados from all over. Ruffner's glass and glass/metal pieces are world renown. She has been written up extensively in the popular press, the trade, scholarly papers, and in her own words. Her book, Creativity: The Flowering Tornado and numerous show catalogs, have opened new worlds of enthrallment for non-artists by helping them look at and comprehend visual art.

Ginny's life and work ask an intriguing question: Where is spirit stored? The game thus on, Ruffner sets out armed with intelligence, craft, visual wit, humor, an apparently unquenchable sense of curiosity, and, let's face it, the joyous pluck of someone who beat extraordinary odds. She posits some intriguing theories this weekend at Imago.

Go see her.

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