Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mr. Sands Man, Bring Me a Dream

Louie L'Amour turns 20 today on the 20th of January--his Golden Anniversary birthday.
He'll spend much of the day in a custom snooze environment built specially for the occasion. Our little man in golden light!
Happy Birthday, dear Louis, Happy Birthday to yooooooooooooouuu!


Katy Nastali Wood said...

Happy Birthday, Louie! I can't believe he's 20. Ruby, I remember when he strutted into my folks house in KCMO and took charge of two Springer Spaniels who towered over him but were totally under his spell.

I love your blogspot and am checking in regularly. We will make it out to the Coral Sands from frosty Ohio one of these days!

Katy Nastali Wood

David in Michigan said...

Happy Bday Dawg. Your ex girlfriends, Ani and Sophie send canine luv on this big event. You are a steller example for all of us. We await your yoda like wisdom in future blogs.