Sunday, March 25, 2007

Museum Gala...The Other End of Shari Appelbaum's Fab Foot

Our Tables seemed to be having the Most Fun at The Artists and Legends Gala thrown by The Palm Springs Art Museum to Honor Frank Gehry, Dennis Hopper, and Ed Ruscha. Here you will find the other end of Shari Appelbaum's fabulous foot in yet another "happening designer dress" (how does she do it folks?) with Dwell Architect of the Year Leonardo Marmol looking dapper as always and so very happy...his wife Alisa Becket is in the background talking to Leonardo between them is Patrick Mundt's twin sister from Boulder. Leo and Alisa's daughter is now 16 months old and enjoys visiting their desert home. Click on this picture and make it bigger.

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Anonymous said...

Geat gams, Batgirl!