Friday, March 30, 2007

Bobby Appelbaum and Gloria Greer

Bobby Appelbaum has been trying to adjust to Palm Springs for months. I think he is getting there. Bobby tries really hard. I love him for that. He came over to see the Coral Sands the day after this photograph was taken. He was very supportive and seemed to understand it on a level that gave me great pride. Thank you for that, Bobby. Bobby is a soulful man. Bobby is a food broker. His family owns Applebaums in Minnesota. He has been surrounded by family and friends of a lifetime until taking the Big Leap to move to Palm Springs. It's a lifestyle adjustment that many could not make. Bobby is married to the very colorful Shari Applebaum. Sitting next to Bobby at The Palm Springs Art Museum Gala is Gloria Greer writer for Palm Springs Life. Gloria is an amazing energy. Ruby loves these two.

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Michael G said...

Well, well, well....Ms Greer just keeps getting younger and younger, not to mention shorter and shorter. Bobby A, on the other hand, just keeps getting better and better.